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Leigh Evans Countdown To Christmas Book Blitz & Giveaway

Book 1
 The Trouble With Fate (Mystwalker #1)
Genre: New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Buy Links: Amazon / B&N

 Meet Hedi Peacock. She's half Fae. Half Were. And all trouble...

I Have Two Words For Werewolves:

My name is Hedi Peacock and I have a secret. I’m not human, and I have the pointy Fae ears and Were inner-bitch to prove it. As fairy tales go, my childhood was damn near perfect, all fur and magic until a werewolf killed my father and the Fae executed my mother. I’ve never forgiven either side. Especially Robson Trowbridge. He was a part-time werewolf, a full-time bastard, and the first and only boy I ever loved. That is, until he became the prime suspect in my father’s death…

Bite Me.

Today I’m a half-breed barista working at a fancy coffee house, living with my loopy Aunt Lou and a temperamental amulet named Merry, and wondering where in the world I’m going in life. A pretty normal existence, considering. But when a pack of Weres decides to kidnap my aunt and force me to steal another amulet, the only one who can help me is the last person I ever thought I’d turn to: Robson Trowbridge. And he’s as annoyingly beautiful as I remember. That’s the trouble with fate: Sometimes it barks. Other times it bites. And the rest of the time it just breaks your heart. Again…

Book 2
 The Thing About Weres (Mystwalker #2)
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
 Buy Links: Amazon / B&N

Love is like a wild animal. It can't be tamed…

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

In the never-ending saga that is my love-hate relationship with Robson Trowbridge, I, half-Were Hedi Peacock, have had a change of heart. Ever since I shoved Trowbridge through the Gates of Merenwyn, I’ve been the leader of the pack—hard to believe, right? The thing is: I’m half-Fae. So even though my Were side is ready to heed the call of the wild, the other part of me is desperate to take flight. And much as it pains me to admit it, life without Trowbridge is really starting to were me down…

I Am Were, Hear Me Roar.

To make matters worse, the wolves of Creemore want my blood—and the North American Council of Weres wants me dead. So I’m just counting the days until Trowbridge returns from the other realm…and comes to my brave rescue…and becomes my alpha mate. Wishful thinking? Of course it is. But given all the mess I’ve been through already, what’s the harm in doing a little bit of daisy-plucking? Besides, Trowbridge owes me bigtime. A girl can dream.

Book 3 
The Problem With Promises (Mystwalker #3)
 Releases February 25, 2014
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Pre-order links: Amazon / B&N



Robson Trowbridge, the Alpha of Creemore and my gorgeous mate, tries to protect me, Hedi Peacock, half-Fae, half-were, from all the trouble I get into. The thing is, my past is pretty messy and bad guys keep knocking down my door. Witches, thug bikers, the North American Council of Weres, dark magic Fae, and even an evil wizard are all after me. The Old Mage is the only one I really care about: He has my dear twin brother captive on the other side of the Gates of Merenwyn—not cool. So my alpha love is helping me to keep my promise to free my brother…


Unfortunately, everyone who helps me ends up in a heap of trouble too—including my Trowbridge. Now, I admit I’ve had my moments as a shivering coward, hoping he will come to my brave rescue. The whole Prince Charming thing is hard to shake. But these bad guys after me mean business and those damsel in distress days are over. You know that “last straw” metaphor? That was two straws ago. It’s now or never. Again…

Leigh was born in Montreal, Quebec but now lives in Southern Ontario with her husband. She's raised two kids, mothered three dogs, and herded a few cats. Other than that, her life was fairly routine until she hit the age of 50. Some women get tattoos. Leigh  decided to write a book. A little tardy, but then again, Mum always said she was a late bloomer.

Book 1 in her Mystwalker series, The Trouble With Fate, was published by St. Martin's Press in December 2012, with book 2, The Thing About Weres, following in July 2013. The third book, The Problem With Promises, will hit shelves in February 2014. The fourth and final Mystwalker book will release in late 2014. The series is also published in the UK by Tor-UK.

Author Links: 

International Giveaway 
*First Prize* 
1 - Signed UK-version of The Trouble With Fate (Mystwalker #1)
1 - Signed UK-version of The Thing About Weres (Mystwalker #2) 
1 - signed book plate 
Mystwalker swag 

*Second Prize* 
Paperback copies of The Trouble With Fate & The Thing About Weres (1 each, US covers) 
1 signed book plate
Mystwalker swag

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Rebel Cover Reveal

REBEL Renegades, Book 2 Sassy, smart, and sexy, former supermodel-turned-tech guru Rubi Russo has it all—looks, money, confidence and freedom. Her life is a whirlwind of fast cars and fleeting affairs—and she likes it that way. With a past like Rubi’s, forever isn’t part of her vocabulary. So when studly Renegade stuntman Wes Lawson wants to take their friendship to the next level, she’s all out.
Raised a simple country-boy, Wes knows the brazen Rubi isn’t his type. But after spending time with her, he discovers she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman. To win her wild rebel heart, he’ll have to prove he sees behind her smokescreen to all the goodness she tries to hide. Then it’s just a matter of crushing her fears, shattering her barriers, and convincing her that loving him is everything she’s been missing in her life, too.

Monday, November 25, 2013

I Smell Sheep: Black Arts (Book #8 Jane Yellowrock) by Faith Hunt...

I Smell Sheep: Black Arts (Book #8 Jane Yellowrock) by Faith Hunt...: Faith Hunter is known for using cool chapter titles in her Jane Yellowrock series. She was asked what each of the chapters titles meant in...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tempting His Mate (Crescent Moon #3) by Savannah Stuart Review

4 (out of 5 stars)

Ella is a jaguar shifter, she is restless where she is and after her ex and younger sister announce they have mated she doesn't want to be pitied so she decided to leave and move closer to her cousin and join her pack.
On the way to her cousin's she stops in at a popular shifter bar for one wild night. She ends u with Asher a sexy wolf shifter. They have a wild, sexy night together and Ella takes off after expecting to never see him again.
Fate has other plans though and when she meets the new pack she is joining she runs into Asher, whose cousin is the packs leader. Asher knows Ella is his mate but Ella makes him work for their HEA.
This story features a sexy wolf, a headstrong jaguar, a little suspense,humor, a renegade vampire and lots of steamy romance. It has everything I love in a story. My only complaint is that it was to short. I wanted a lot more and hope to see the couple in future books.
This series is definitely on my auto buy list.

Purchase Links:


Barnes and Noble-

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Darkness Awakened (Darkness #1) by Katie Reus Review

4.5 (out of 5) stars

A fantastic start to a new series.

The story starts right in the heat of the plot. We meet Lyra a rare natural born vampire whose hybrid daughter has been kidnapped as part of a prophecy. She goes to her daughters father Finn, an Alpha werewolf for help saving her. Finn though is unaware that he has a daughter. Seventeen years before Lyra and Finn had fallen in love, which is forbidden since their species are enemies. Finn ends up breaking it off with Lyra for fear that his uncle, the current Alpha, will harm her if he finds out that they are in a relationship. The same day he ends, Lyra was going to tell him she is pregnant. Now with nowhere else to turn for help, Lyra comes to Finn but doesn't tell him that her daughter is his.
I loved the heroine and hero and the world building is superb. She is a master at writing stories and characters that you connect with and get immersed into. Even the side characters draw you in and make you anxious for their stories. 
My only complaints are that I wanted more. I wanted more flashbacks of Lyra and Finn when they first met and the story seemed to fly by and was over to fast for me. It left me wanting more. I also wanted more emotion from Finn when he found out Lyra's secret. He seemed to accept it to easily and moved on.
I can't wait to get more on Lyra, Finn and Vega and the rest of the cast especially Drake. With a great plot, unique world and characters that you can't help but love,it's a definite read for all PNR and UF fans. This series will definitely be on my auto-buy.

Purchase Links:

Barnes and Noble-

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the midnight garden: Ann Aguirre on the Razorland "Love Triangle" + Giv...

the midnight garden: Ann Aguirre on the Razorland "Love Triangle" + Giv...: When I first read Enclave , I was fascinated by the grim, often violent post-apocalyptic setting as well as the Freaks that were an ever-pre...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hunter's Moon (Moon #2) by Lisa Kessler Review

5(out of 5 stars)

Great continuation to an awesome new series.
This book starts a few months after the first book in the series Moonlight. If you haven't read it yet then I would highly recommend reading it before Hunter's Moon as the events from the first book segue into this story.
Aren has found his life mate unfortunately she is the jaguar assassin that tried to kill his brother and his mate. Now he is struggling with his need to protect and be with Sasha and his responsibility to his Alpha and his pack.
Sasha was turned against her will and forced to work for the organization that had her turned. They trained her as an assassin and have offered her a cure if she follows their orders.
After an attack gone wrong she learn the truth that their is no cure, so she goes on the run. While trying to dodge the people sent after her she finds out that her human sister is in danger. With no choice she contacts Aren, the werewolf she hasn't been able to get out of her head. She asks for his help to protect her sister but he has other plans. He agrees to send her sister to his bother who is also his Alpha for protection as long as she agrees to allow him to follow her.
From here the action never stops. Between dodging assassins, the evil Nero and trying to learn the truth and who they can trust the story keeps you gripped and unable to put down till the last page.
I can't recommend this series enough. It has everything I love in a new series. Great writing, fully developed characters that you come to feel for and connect with, action, mystery and sizzling hot romance. If your a fan of PNR, UF, Romance or just a lover of a good book then this series should be on your auto-buy list. You will not be disappointed.

Purchase Links:,%201

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the midnight garden: Ann Aguirre on the Razorland "Love Triangle" + Giv...

the midnight garden: Ann Aguirre on the Razorland "Love Triangle" + Giv...: When I first read Enclave , I was fascinated by the grim, often violent post-apocalyptic setting as well as the Freaks that were an ever-pre...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cold Blooded (Jessica McClain #3) by Amanda Carlson Review

5(out of 5) stars

This book starts where Hot Blooded ended. Jess comes back to find Marcy has been kidnapped. This doesn't bode well for Jess since it puts her in path of a very powerful witch and her coven. James has gone off on his own and a rogue wolf pack is after Jessica's father.
This book is full of nonstop action, danger and the building of alliances between all the supernatural sects. Some are allies and some are enemies but they all want a piece of Jessica. We get more Rourke in this book and some sexy time between the two. Yay! Questions are answered, shocking revelations are revealed and battles to the death. This book hooked me in and left me breathless. The ending..ahh..I can't wait for the next book. Please release early.
With each new book this series gets better and better. The settings, world building and action scenes are fantastically written. I'm drawn to all the characters not just the main and want to learn more about them.
I highly recommend this series to everyone. It should be on your auto buy list.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Night Walker (Night #1) by Lisa Kessler

He gave up his soul for a second chance to love her…

Two and a half centuries ago, Calisto Terana lost everything when a zealous priest murdered the woman he loved. Now, desperate for another chance to love her, he wants redemption for the mistake that cost her life.

She’s haunted by dreams of her own death…

After catching her fiance with another woman, Kate Bradley returns to San Diego to clear her head. The last thing she needs is romance, but after meeting Calisto she’s drawn to him in ways she doesn’t understand.

They’ve waited in the shadows for centuries…

Calisto has no doubt Kate is the reincarnation of his lost love, but the Fraternidad Del Fuego Santo has a new watcher with dark ambitions of his own. As old enemies reemerge and a new threat arises, the betrayal that enslaved Calisto to the night might destroy the only woman he’s ever loved again.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Undead and Unsure (Undead #12) by MaryJanice Davidson Review

4(out of 5)stars

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this book after the last one. She had done a complete 360 from what we were used to in the last story. However I loved this book. We got back to the trademarks that make this series so fun to read. We get Betsy's snark and wit, her wise cracking and all the fun of her housemates. 
A light fun read that is sure to put you in a good mood.

Purchase your copy:

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Binding the Shadows (Arcadia Bell #3) by Jenn Bennett Review

5(out of 5 stars)

First, all I can say is WOW.
This book was amazing. Never has a story left me wanting the next book so desperately. The series is one of the best out there today. The characters, story and world building are so well developed and emotional. You feel everything they are and you become invested in their lives.
Cady is one of the best heroines I have ever read about. She's had a tragic past but has managed to thrive regardless. She makes mistakes and is far from perfect but she never quits and fights for what and who she loves and kicks a** doing it. Cady and Lons relationship really develops in this book. There is emotional drama, insecurities and tough times for the two of them but no matter what is thrown in their way the relationship just gets stronger and more passionate. And Jupe just gets more lovable with each book.
This book has it all, it's action packed, funny with the snarky humor we've come to love and with an emotional ending that will leave you reeling and begging for the next installment.

A must read for UF, PNR fans and anyone who loves a really great story.

Purchase your copy:

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I Smell Sheep: Alpha Male Diner: Centaur Shifter by Sheri Fredric...

I Smell Sheep: Alpha Male Diner: Centaur Shifter by Sheri Fredric...: *Door opens. You and your friends walk in* Hello! Welcome to the Alpha Male Diner. A nice table with a view of the beautiful Boronda wate...

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InkSlinger's is having a 4k Facebook likes Giveaway

InkSlinger PR just hit 4k likes on Facebook so they are celebrating with a huge giveaway. 10 ebook s from any of their authors.

Check it out and enter

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Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6) by Ilona Andrews Review

5 out of 5 stars

This is a must read series for all book lovers no matter what genres you like.

If I could rate this book higher than 5 stars I would.
Every book in this series just keeps getting better and better. This series is action packed, featuring memorable and unique characters and superb world building. This book featured all that and more. We get Kate and Curran's witty banter, the snark we've all come to love with an emotional storyline that had me laughing and cheering one minute to wanting to slap a few characters and near crying the next. Kate is put through an emotional rollercoaster, my heart ached for her. I've never loved and hated a book so much.
We see the usual cast of side characters we love and learn more about Hugh and Roland. This book is the beginning steps in the battle that will eventually ensue between Kate and Roland. 
I could go on forever about why this series is my favorite but I'd be rambling for twenty pages. All ill say is that if you haven't started this series, what are you waiting for? Pick it up and pick it up now. You won't be disappointed.

Purchase your copy today:

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It's a new release! BY THE TAIL

BY THE TAIL by Marie Harte releases today from Samhain Publishing.

It’s more than whether you win or lose; it’s how you play with your prey.
Cougar Falls: The Miami Connection, Book 1
Joy Bermin’s sweet crush on Quince Castille went sour when he got involved with a psychotic feline who nearly destroyed the pride. That bastard is dead, but now Quince is trying to convince her he had nothing to do with it.
She’s been doing her best to ignore him, but the stubborn panther is always underfoot. When he tricks her into seeing how good things could really be between them, she’s stuck between dismay and desire.
Just when Quince was ready to prove his love for Joy, that mess with the pride shot his credibility all to hell. Trickery is the only way to break her resistance and show her the truth. And holy hell, that woman could melt steel with her heat.
Between trying to pin her down and dealing with upstart cats out to destroy what he’s worked so hard to rebuild, Quince is through playing by the rules. Whatever it takes to make Joy his mate, it’s on the table. And God help anyone who gets in his way.
Warning: The Miami heat may induce passion, trickery, feline sunbathing, stubborn brothers bossing around temperamental sisters, and a cat smackdown of epic proportions

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Literary Rambles: SEPTEMBER IS FOR SEQUELS GIVEAWAY HOP: Happy Labor Day! Hope you all are having a relaxing Labor Day weekend. This is my first weekend off since the end of June and much neede...

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Protecting His Witness (Red Stone Security #7) by Katie Reus Review

4.5 Stars

I love this series and each book seems to get better and better. While you can read each book as a stand alone I would recommend starting from the beginning. You see characters from previous books in each new one. Vincent has been in past books and he had lost the woman he loved Jordan, when she suddenly disappeared. He had tried finding her but eventually tried to move on. Jordan suddenly shows back up in his life and on at his front door wanting to explain everything.
Experiencing Vincent's emotions as he deals with Jordan coming back into his life was a wonderful part of the story. He runs the gamut of hurt, anger, lust and love. Jordan was running from trouble and has now dragged Vincent into it anyways.
The story is a great mix of suspense and romance and holds your attention till the end. You cant help but keep reading to see if they will get their HEA and if Vincent can ever forgive the hurt and pain he was put through.

Purchase your copy

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I Smell Sheep: Alpha Male Diner: Immortal Alchemist by Donna Aug...

I Smell Sheep: Alpha Male Diner: Immortal Alchemist by Donna Aug...: PNR author Donna Augustine stopped by the diner to whip up a dish of Cormac, the sexy alpha male Alchemist from her Alchemy series. I read ...

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Massive Giveaway Hosted by the Smutketeers

Check out the Annual Smutketeers Para-Palooza. Featuring tons of wonderful authors

Loving Lachlyn Release

New Release from the wonderful R.E Butler

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The Demon's Desire (Hearts of the Fallen, #2) Review

4 out 5 stars

The Demon's Desire is the second book in the Hearts of Fallen series. If you haven't read the first book The Demon's Song I highly recommend you pick it up. While you don't need to have read it before this one you will be more familiar with the characters and the world.
It begins in Terra Noctem a hidden world of vampires, angels, demons and fallen angels. The world building and characters are intriguing and draw you not the story. 
The hero Meresin is the Fallen Angel of Storms, he is a weapon in himself and it comes with a price. He is damaged, flawed and pushes everyone away. In order to save himself he has to return to Purgatory. He has always been a loner but to survive he knows he needs Dru's help. The one woman he cares for but refuses to admit to.
Dru is vampire royalty and ever since she kissed Meresin she has wanted him. She is the only person that brings some peace to him. Her strength of character, caring and determination to help the man she loves really has you rooting for her and you can't help but to be drawn to her.
Dru follows Meresin to Purgatory, a mission that is sure to kill him. Slowly throughout their journey Dru wears him down and once she does WOW does it get hot. The romance while slow to begin is well worth the wait.
This is story of betrayal, redemption and second chances. I loved that it featured a heroine who is the one pursuing her man. She is determined to save him and have him and never gives up.
My only complaint is that he ending was a little abrupt and felt rushed but overall another great story from a fantastic author.

Purchase your copy today from Amazon

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Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #22) by Laurell K. Hamilton

3.5 out of 5 stars

We finally seem to be seeing some of the old Anita. The one that's a executioner and not a Succubus. The storyline was interesting and emotional. Characters and relationships are finally showing some development. Anita is starting to sort out where all the men in her life belong and how she truly feels. Parts of the story still dragged on and there was a lot of the sexist trash talk which is getting a little old but overall the action and story kept my attention and had me wanting o know what would happen. This has been my favorite Anita book in awhile. Hopefully we'll continue to see more of the executioner and more of JC who I love and missed in this book.

Purchase your copy from Amazon here:

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Immortal Prey by Diana Ballew Review

4 out of 5 stars

Great read by an author I had never read before. The world building is descriptive and beautiful. You feel like you are in the story and experiencing what the characters are going through. It takes place between the past and the present and was well written that I never became confused and it actually built the story up and made it very intriguing. Derek was a fantastically built hero. He is a complicated character who is fighting for redemption and a second chance at his happily ever after.
Beautifully worded with an interesting story about a man trying for a second chance at love it is a definite read for PNR lovers.

Purchase on Amazon-

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Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X #1) Review

4 out of 5 stars

There are things I love about this book and some I didn't.
It's world building and unique storyline featuring religious extremist, magic and enhanced soldiers had me interested and entertained for the most part but the complexity of it all also confused me at times. There's a lot to take in about the social structures of the countries and the different religious beliefs and how the government controls them.
Mae is a deadly soldier who seems cold and unfeeling but throughout the novel we start to see a different side of her. I am very curious to see how revelations about her in this book shape her future.
Justin is not you typical book hero. He is brilliant, laid back and completely flawed. There were times I loved him and then a few pages later wanted to punch him. His story now that Gods have come into the picture should be very intriguing.
If you are looking for a romance novel or books similar to Meads other series, you will not find that here. It is nothing like her other novels. That being said I actually enjoyed the more dystopian aspect of it and can't wait to see how the relationship between Mae and Justin plays out.

The Thing About Weres (Mystwalker #2) Review

5 out of 5 stars

One word describes this book .. FANTASTIC

I couldn't put it down and the ending made me want the next book now.

This has easily become one of my favorite series. It is gritty, dark, sweet and unpredictable. This story is filled with several different plot lines. You definitely want to read The Trouble With Fate before you start this one. Hedi our flawed and snarky heroine is dealing with the NWA the shifters government, trying to be Alpha of a pack that pretty much hates her and trying to open the portal to Merenwyn to get Trowbridge back.
A story filled with ups and downs once it gets going it will grab your attention and holds on. Hedi does a lot of growing in this book and is slowly becoming the woman I know she is. Her and Trowbridges relationship while dysfunctional is also sweet and when the two of them are together I can't get enough. 
This series is unique and exciting. It features flawed and fantastic characters we can all relate to in some ways. The ending while not a cliffhanger will definitely leave you wanting more. 
And did I mention the bet part... Naked Trowbridge.. Need I say more.

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My words and pages: Top 5 Paranormal Romance Picks!!

My words and pages: Top 5 Paranormal Romance Picks!!: For my Blogoversary I enjoy sharing the Top 5 reads of different genre for the last year, June 1, 2012 through July 1, 2013.  These are t...

My words and pages: Top 5 Steam/Clockwork and Science Fiction Fantasy ...

My words and pages: Top 5 Steam/Clockwork and Science Fiction Fantasy ...: For my Blogoversary I enjoy sharing the Top 5 reads of different genre for the last year, June 1, 2012 through July 1, 2013.  These are t...

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Mythical Books: Lazy Days of Summer Spontaneous Hop International

Mythical Books: Lazy Days of Summer Spontaneous Hop International: Click HERE to see the list of blogs participating to this hop. Quickly, choose a book up to $17 and it will be your prize!   Th...

Mythical Books: Summer 2013 Giveaway Hop International!

Mythical Books: Summer 2013 Giveaway Hop International!: Click HERE or HERE to see the list of blogs participating to this hop! There are so many books I want to read that it becomes reall...

Savannah Stuarts Hot New Release

5 out of 5 stars

2 alpha heroes, 1 feisty heroine… You know what that means? It’s time for another spread the 'sale' word giveaway!! For those who haven’t participated before you might be asking ‘what the heck is that?’

Pick it up now for .99

Mythical Books: July New Release Giveaway Hop International

Mythical Books: July New Release Giveaway Hop International: A new Giveaway Hop to celebrate our 1st Anniversary! The new release giveaway hop is hosted by Book Twirps and Refracted Light Review...

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My words and pages: Top 5 Urban Fantasy Reads!!

My words and pages: Top 5 Urban Fantasy Reads!!: For my Blogoversary I enjoy sharing the Top 5 reads of different genre for the last year, June 1, 2012 through July 1, 2013.  These are th...

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Mythical Books: Lazy Days of Summer Spontaneous Hop International

Mythical Books: Lazy Days of Summer Spontaneous Hop International: Click HERE to see the list of blogs participating to this hop. Quickly, choose a book up to $17 and it will be your prize!   Th...

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Mythical Books: Summer of Love Giveaway Hop International

Mythical Books: Summer of Love Giveaway Hop International: Click HERE to see the list of blogs participating to this hop From so many romance books is hard to choose, so we leave on you this...

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Coffee and Characters: Dark Secret by A.M. Hudson: Spotlight w/ Giveaway

Coffee and Characters: Dark Secret by A.M. Hudson: Spotlight w/ Giveaway: Dark Secrets By:  A.M. Hudson Genre: paranormal romance. Check out the release trailer here

And the giveaway here

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Mythical Books: July New Release Giveaway Hop International

Mythical Books: July New Release Giveaway Hop International: A new Giveaway Hop to celebrate our 1st Anniversary! The new release giveaway hop is hosted by Book Twirps and Refracted Light Review...

Delilah S. Dawson's New Release

Delilah S. Dawson's new release Shadowman: Follow Me Boy is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Order your copy today

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The Cursed (League of the Black Swan #1) Review

5 out of 5 Stars

The Cursed is set in an intriguing world with characters you will love who are mysterious and interesting and a plot line that will keep you guessing until the end. I loved Rio and Luke. Both have dangerous secrets, Luke has been cursed and even though he has fallen for Rio he has stayed away from her for fear that his curse will harm her. Rio is an orphan who knows nothing about her parents and who has always been a loner. Suddenly everyone in Bordertown is interested in her and she needs Luke's help.
The story is both sexy, action packed and hilarious. Even though Luke has been pinning for Rio secretly, he is poisoned early on in the story and his alpha nature comes out with Rio and he tells her how much he wants her, this part of the story had me laughing out loud along with a dirty incident involving a giant duck.
The romance was a blast to read. Their interactions and dialogue at times we're both sweet and hot. The sex scenes were sizzling and the love between them was so passionate.
With superb world building an interesting and unique story, the rich and intriguing city of Bordertown and the mysterious Black Swan League this is a great start to an excellent new series. I am anxious to get more of Rio and Luke and all the other citizens of Bordertown and the Black Swan League.

Purchase your copy today:

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A Cursed Embrace Giveaway

The Nocturnal Library is having a review and giveaway of A Cursed Embrace the second novel in the Weird Girls series by Cecy Robson