Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lucas (Vampires in America #6) Review

3.5 out of 5 Stars

Lucas is everything I love about this series. Strong, charismatic powerful vampire lords who are passionate and possessive of their people and the women they love. His past with Raphael was interesting and I wanted more interactions between them. He instantly hooked himself into my heart with his sweet and sexy cowboy nature.
Kathryn on the other hand really never struck a cord with me. She is the typical cookie cutter FBI agent, a woman in a male dominated world, it seemed I've read numerous heroines just like her. She wasn't unique or very interesting and I never saw the passion from her for Lucas that he shows. The sex scenes were hot and fan worthy like Ms. Reynolds is known for but their wasn't that heat and sizzling chemistry that the other books have had.
While I enjoyed the story line and the war between him and the neighboring lord it was kind of anticlimactic. Their was a build up to this big fight that fizzled flat. I still love the series and will continue to read them for her fantastic alpha lords. I am happy to hear that she is going back to Cyn and Raphael my favorite couple next.

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